Thursday, May 25, 2017

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That one sack was by Demarcus Ware. I was curious about this after seeing that video posted which (among other things) showed that the Titans line kind of shut down Bosa last season. In total the AFCW had four sacks: two by Den and one each by Oak and Kan.

I know that Houston and Hali were limited last season but both played significant snaps against the Titans.

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  1. Let’s try to be more creative than “lul cowboys” or “no rings” jokes. These jokes are unfunny and unimaginative and we all know we are better than that.

  2. This is a roast thread, please take all jokes as well…..a joke. I saw a few cases of retaliation and arguing. Jokes are Jokes, don’t like it? Move on.

  3. NO OTHER TEAM BASHING, save that precious ammo for when that teams time to be roasted comes.

  4. No malicious posts, trolling, or over the top comments attacking r/nfl users. As i said before this is supposed to be light hearted and fun, lets keep it that way.

  5. The next team up will be posted in the thread the day before, so you guys will have time to come up with material and decent jokes referring to the team.

  6. Have fun! This is meant to be lighthearted thread and they are to be taken as such. The off season can be long and hopefully this series will provide some fun to pass the time. So roast away!!

Please be sure to PM me any jokes you think would be good enough to make it into the “Best of” series!

  • Be sure to send me the permalink to the comment, please do not copy and paste jokes into the PM

  • Also please label the message in the PM something along the lines of Best of Roast of “Team name being roasted” It just makes things easier for me as I will be compiling it all.

And as always feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about the series.

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