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Belichick says lack of practice is hurting O-line play. Said it's like trying to be a good putter when you only hit the driving range

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NFL Fact of the Day: The Redskins once used two 1st round picks in consecutive years to draft UCLA RB Cal Rossi. The first time, he wasn't eligible. The second time, he just didn't want to play Professional Football.

First of all, if you Google images of Cal Rossi, his chin looks like a butt. I mean, I'm kind of surprised there isn't a second gastrointestinal system that runs into that butt chin of his. I'm sorry, I digress. Let's get to the facts.

The Redskins have made a lot of big gambles on draft day in their franchise history. Trading up for RGIII certainly comes to mind. Allowing Mike Ditka to trade the Saints entire draft class to them for Ricky Williams is another one. But one of their bolder moves in history that's perhaps been forgotten by fans outside the beltway, is their decision to use not one...but two first round picks in consecutive years to take Cal Rossi, the UCLA RB.

Rossi was a goddamn stud of an athlete both on the baseball team and the football team. The Redskins were sitting there with the 9th overall pick in the 1946 draft. Vinny Cerrato probably traveled back in a time machine or something. When it came their time to pick, the Redskins were like "HELL YEAH STEAL OF THE DRAFT SUCKERRRRRS" and they put the draft card in for Rossi.

There was just one little problem: Rossi was a junior, and back then, the rules stipulated a player had to have completed four years college to declare himself eligible, which of course, Rossi had not.

Time traveling Vinny Cerrato was heartbroken. Every single day, he wrote Rossi a postcard that said "I will always love you. We are star crossed lovers torn apart by the tyranny of the commissioner. If you come play for us next year, I will totally buy you an SNES Classic Edition." (Cannot confirm Vinny Cerrato time traveled or that he wrote this postcard)

The Redskins scouting department didn't exactly exist back then. In fact, the Redskins Owner, George Preston Marshall, who happened to be a real dick would scan the sports pages to figure out what players he wanted:

While some NFL teams scoured regionally or even nationally for talent, then-Redskins owner George Preston Marshall was reportedly too cheap to pay for such services. According to Rich Tandler in “The Redskins Chronicle,” Marshall picked new players by scanning the sports page.

Which is pretty much the modern day equivalent of going to Bleacher Report and making draft decisions based on the opinions of people not qualified to make them.

1947 came around, and this time, they upgraded from the 9th to the 4th overall pick, which is what happens when you don't do your due diligence and draft ineligible guys.

Time traveling Vinny Cerrato George Preston Marshall turned in the card again for Rossi. But Rossi had no intention of playing, as he had enlisted in the Navy for a more nobler cause to serve his country.

And thus, the Redskins missed the playoffs from 1946-1971. I literally can't even.

Source: Washington CBS Local

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#Texans star JJ Watt said today that Tom Brady donated $100K to his relief fund and Bill Belichick donated $50K. “Incredibly kind gestures.”

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Week 3 wagers thread

As mods we don't have any recourse in dealing with people who don't own up to bets (our simple suggestion is be a man/woman of your word or stay out of the thread) but this doesn't make witchhunting and gang mentality okay. Please refrain from such things. Do call out users in these threads, but not every time they post. Thanks.

  • pay up bets from Week 2
  • set new wagers for Week 3.
  • call out those that haven't paid up yet.

Ready set go...

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Water Cooler Wednesday

Welcome to another edition of the Water Cooler Wednesday thread - where /r/nfl'ers can discuss their lives and get to know each other better.

This is the place to post things that wouldn't ordinarily be considered on-topic in /r/nfl. Did you meet a player that you got a picture with? Have a cool story about how you became a fan of your team? Write an NFL related blog post? Make a cool .gif? Is your car painted your team color? Snap a cool picture at the game last week? Have a shrine to your favorite player? Want to talk about something that doesn't really deserve its own thread? Post here!

Remember, that there are other subreddits that may be a good fit for what you want to post - every day all day!

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