Sunday, April 9, 2017

Is Calvin Johnson a Hall of Famer?

I got shit on for suggesting he isn't, and am curious what I'm missing. In my defense, I found these numbers that to me, don't make him a HoFer.

Johnson is 43rd on the all-time receptions list, behind the likes of Santana Moss, Donald Driver, Andre Rison, Eric Moulds, Chad Johnson, and Roddy White. Keenan McCardell, for crying out loud, has more than 150 more catches than Calvin Johnson.

On the all-time yardage list, Johnson finishes at No. 29 with 11,619. Derrick Mason, Jimmy Smith, and Irvin Fryar all have more yards than Johnson.

Johnson’s 83 touchdown receptions is good for 22nd all time, behind Mark Clayton, Irving Fryar, and Andre Rison.

Then there’s the fact that Johnson not only has no Super Bowl wins, but also has zero playoff victories.

I know I'll hear the argument "we'll he retired early at a high level." So what? Why would that help his cause? Sure, he's had some amazing years, but were they enough to get him in? As the classes get deeper and better players become eligible, I think Johnson may get left behind.

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