Monday, April 10, 2017

Myles Garrett looks like he belongs in a 1970s buddy cop film.

Myles Garrett looks like the street smart cop from a movie set in the 1970s. The kind that doesn't like to play by the rules, but eventually his recklessness goes too far and threatens to get him benched unless he takes on a wide-eyed, by-the-book rookie partner, straight out of the academy.

Of course hilarity and hijinks ensue when the two find themselves smack-dab in the middle of a case involving​ a major drug-running operation and potential corruption within city hall (perhaps even the head of the police force is involved.) True to form, nobody believes them and why would they? A failed hotshot cop trying to recapture his former glory and an impressionable young rookie. So they are forced to handle this case off the books.

In the end, they crack the case, redeem themselves, are given a key to the city, and become good friends. They are both better for having known each other and this is an experience they won't soon forget. Also, there are two unrelated and incoherent side plots involving budding romances between Garrett and the hotshot female cop on the force, who start out as rivals, but eventually become close friends, and the impressionable young rookie and a reformed female criminal they meet during the course of their investigation.

...and I'm okay with that.

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