Monday, May 8, 2017

2017 Offseason /r/NFL Fireside Chat

The season is long gone, the Super Bowl is a distant memory, Free Agency was a whirlwind week, and the Draft is now in the rear-view mirror. Yes, friends the offseason has fallen upon us all.

Because we have a lot of time on our hands as a subreddit, we felt this would be a good time to get everyone together again to listen to what you have to say about the state of the sub. There was already a thread over the weekend about, "if you could change one thing" and there was a lot of good conversations, but the mod team didn't really get involved with it because we had already planned this for today.

Please remember that rules do still apply in here. Be polite to users, and remember that we all want this sub to be the best place out there to discuss the NFL, even if some people had differing views of how that comes about. We are all fans of the game in here. That being said, there were two main things we wanted to talk to you about:


The experiment for highlights during the playoffs was a big success, and we have decided to continue the experiment into the upcoming preseason. We are cautiously optimistic from the results, but we know that during the playoffs there was only one game at a time, so it was easy enough to keep control of request posts (still not allowed), duplicates and low quality highlights. We want to stress that we are not setting this in stone, but we are extending the experiment like the league is doing with the 25-yard touchback.

r/NFL Rules

We have received a number of PM's and comments in threads this year about how the rules for r/NFL could be clearer. When we remove a post or a comment, the most common refrain (behind, "oh come one, I was kidding") is that they didn't know what they had said or posted was against the rules. The mod team all agrees that the rules have been kind of Frankensteine'd together over time and so we will be using this off-season to finally do some serious house cleaning on how our rules are laid out to make them easier to read, with do's and dont's and examples when possible. At this time we have no plans to change any rules, but once the editing is done we will make an announcement to let everyone know about it, and then talk with you all to gather feedback on the format, and what can be added or removed or adjusted.

So let's talk, r/NFL.

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