Thursday, May 4, 2017

Announcements: Mod team addition & our next Fireside Chat

Now that draft season has wound down here at r/NFL and the off-season is spinning up, we thought this would be a good time to get two pieces of housekeeping taken care of.

The first, is that we would like to formally announce that we have brought on u/mister_jay_peg to join us on the moderation team. We brought him on before the draft to help us out and was one of the driving forces behind the player cards this year along with u/rasherdk and u/napoleonbonerparts, and u/xylan-treesong, so you have him to blame for the screw-ups and them to thank for the awesome stuff.

For some background, MJP is someone we’ve all known for quite a while; he’s done wonders running the NFL Top100 for us. We also know there may be some people concerned about the fact that he was banned for about six months after a run of very poor decisions during the 2015 season, but since we allowed him back he has been a model user (almost) since that time. We think that his many years of experience with the subreddit and his turn-around will make him a great addition to the team going forward as we continue to grow.

So everyone say hi to u/mister_jay_peg and give him some well deserved abuse!

The second thing we want to address is that we will be doing another Fireside Chat with you all on Monday, May 8th to talk with you all about some things from the past year and about what we all want to move toward going forward.

We ask that you bring all of your questions, concerns, plans and ideas to the chat so that we can all work together towards making the subreddit something to be proud of.

So make sure you drop in on Monday for the chat. Our mod team will be available all day to answer questions or talk with you about your ideas and concerns.

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