Thursday, May 4, 2017

Episode 8 Of Your Official /r/NFL Podcast, 'NFL Draft Review 2017', Is Now Live!

In conjunction with the mods of /r/NFL we are proud to announce the latest episode of this subreddit's one and only, official podcast!

In this week's episode, hosts Chris and Jeff put a final bow on the 2017 NFL Draft coverage. What picks did they like, which ones did they laugh at, and which teams did the best job on draft weekend?

The boys discuss the Mitchell Trubisky controversy in Chicago and John Lynch's rookie performance in San Francisco, as well as the final cost the Rams paid for Jared Goff. 

In This Week in Reddit, the discussion takes a serious commemorating the 5th anniversary of Junior Seau's suicide. It's a heartfelt exchange you won't want to miss. Alex Smith's past and future are also a hot topic, but not as hot as Ezekiel Elliott's jersey sales. 

Fifth-year player options, who got picked up and who did not, round out the free agency talk. Does Sammy Watkins have a future in Buffalo, and does Buffalo even know what it wants in its future after firing the entire scouting department and GM immediately after the draft? The cautionary tales of Greg Robinson and Blake Bortles also grab attention here. 

As always, This Week in Mediocrity has some worthy candidates. Two words: Christine Michael. All that, plus why we remember Justin Forsett and so much more. Tune in!

There's a ton of stuff packed into this episode of the Reddit NFL Podcast, with much more to come on a weekly basis.  Be sure to subscribe so as not to miss a single episode!

Let us know what you think about the show by commenting in the podcast thread in the subreddit, or by leaving us a voice mail message via Skype at: RedditNFL Podcast, or giving us a call at (858) 345-4NFL.  If you leave us a message, you just might be featured in an upcoming Reddit NFL Podcast!

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