Friday, May 5, 2017

In 6th grade, Jake Butt wrote a letter to an Ohio State football staff member after career day thanking him for describing what it takes to play NFL football.


It's an Instagram Link so I will put the contents here for those who can't see it.

This is what the letter says,
"Dear Mr. Gillum,
Thank you for taking time out of your day to inform me about sports careers. Now I'm sure what I truely want to be when I grow up, a pro football player. After you came in to talk to us about what it's like, I know it's gonna be a lot harder thought to reach my goal, but I'm going to try my hardest. Thanks for the tips on how you don't just need to be good at sports, but also at school. Now, whether I like it or not I'm gonna be prepared for every test, finish all my homework, and always have good posture in class. Not only was it cool to learn those things but also to meet someone from the buckeye staff. Again, thank you for taking time out of your day to come inform us.
Jake Butt
[his signature is below his name]

His post text says,
"jbooty88: A family friend just dropped this off and man it's a hell of a gift. This was at the end of my 6th grade year during career day almost 10 years ago. A classmate of mine brought his dad in, who was part of Jim Tressels staff at the time. This was after my first year of playing football. He spoke on what it takes to become a successful student athlete and play at the college level. I still remember that speech like it was yesterday and carry many of the lessons with me through everyday life. Here we are 10 years later and he returned my thank you letter as a gift. Mr Gillum, thank you for helping me spark a career long before I had any idea what the game would mean to me."

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