Saturday, May 20, 2017

Non-Americans of this sub, what got you into football, which team are you a fan of and why?

I was into a lot of American TV, shows like Blue Mountain State, Friday Night Lights, The League, attracted me towards the sport. By the time I completely understand the rules, football felt much more fair than soccer. The fact that game is not that dynamic, coaches challanging calls, booth reviews made the sport much more fair.

Started watching NFL games in the beginning of the 2015 season, watched all the teams throughout the season. Defensive teams bored me like hell. Teams with good quartbacks was the more entertaining ones. Most fun I had watching football was the Giants-Panthers match in the regular season. At first I was leaning towards the Panthers bandwagon, after watching Cardinals-Packers play-off game and witnessing that amazing hail mary got me so psyched. Seeing how clutch Aaron Rodgers is and the fact that coin toss fucked over Packers made me a fan.

P.S: I also like Raiders.

Edit: Forgot to mention where I am from: Turkey.

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