Thursday, June 8, 2017

I can't find 1 QB in the past 50 years with anything close to Colin Kaepernick's 2016 on-field profile who was never again part of the NFL

Colin Kaepernick after 2016: Age 29, 3 seasons with 9 or more starts, 5.92 adjusted net yards per attempt in final season

I searched for QBs who played their final season at age 31 or younger who put up 4.74 adjusted net yards attempt or better.

My results show 9 players

Ed Luther, Troy Smith, Jim Miller, Kevin Kolb, Tim Couch, and Joey Harrington were signed by teams after their last statistical season, but never attempted another pass.

Neil Lomax retired due to degenerative arthritis in his hip. Norris Weese and Scott Tinsley never had a season with 7 or more starts.


Adjusted Net Passing Yards per Attempt is not the end all of passing stats, but it is a very good measure of passing performance.

I chose to find QBs with 4.74 ANY/A rather than Kaepernick's 5.92 to adjust for era. This actually opened up opportunities for some pretty terrible QBs from the last 10-20 years, but I still pulled up nothing. I feel like my filters were pretty generous. I pulled up QBs with the caliber of Joey freaking Harrington and Tim Couch, and even they got another chance...

My research likely has holes. If you can think of a variable that I am missing, or take issue with the numbers I chose, please let me know.

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