Wednesday, June 14, 2017

In retrospect, did Jim Tomsula overachieve by winning 5 games with a depleted 49ers roster?

Many people speculated that Jim Tomsula was just hired so he could be used as a scapegoat for the bad season the 49ers were inevitably going to have in 2015. I remember watching a few games, and the team was evidently mediocre. While I don't think Tomsula left any legacy that warranted the 49ers to be excited for a future with him, I do think it's a little underrated that his team still managed to win 5 games with a 49ers roster that was in the conversation for worst in the league. He lead the team to 5 wins, regardless of how ugly or uninspiring they were.

Chip Kelly is probably seen as being a better head coach than Tomsula, but he could only win 2 games last season, and wasn't really close to winning much more. So, do you think Tomsula was able to produce more than another average NFL head coach would have?

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