Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Let's have a look at our relationship with PFF

Hello all, happy off season. Like you all, I'm doing very little until the regular season; due to this, I will pen a short complaint, as is off-season tradition.

So let's jump right in. Please, stop and think critically about PFF grading, and only cite it if you have other evidence in your arguments.

Now, I by no means want the random PFF grades being posted to stop, they are fun discussion starters. However, PFF doesn't make its grading system public and is thus, highly subjective.

Now, I know what your thinking. Mainly, "shut up, who cares". With that said however I would like to point out an example of how cherry picked and meaningless some of what PFF puts out actually is.

A month or two ago, PFF put out a fun stat that naturally stirred my homeristic nature. "Jalen Richard was the most elusive running back in 2016". Naturally, confusing things started happening to my junk as the homer in me made me happier than a fat kid gifted with whatever it is fat kids enjoy.

Then, silence for a period of time. Not long after PFF released another tidbit that made my wee wee tingle. "Deandre Washington was the most explosive rookie running back in 2016". Once more my empty sole began to fill somewhat full in the abyss of full blown off season.

And then I got busy. Mainly dying slowly, but also during this time I began to question PFF. How exactly do they measure explosiveness? What does one do to be elusive? Like the ghost of Trent Richardson, I asked myself these questions, and like the ghost of Trent Richardson, I preceded to do nothing to solve these mysteries.

Then today, I stumbled upon the final piece of information that made me soft as putty. "Jordan Howard had the most broken tackles amongst rookies on running plays in 2016". By now, something other than my naughty bits was tingling.

Why did PFF specify running plays only? How does one categorize a broken tackle? The second question still alludes me, I have watched way too much LaTavious Murray to have the answer to such a riddle.

Now however, I implore you to do the right thing. The just thing. The hard thing. When PFF puts out information, read it, study it, QUESTION it. Once you do, if you find the information reliable, investigate further. Ask yourself the hard questions. Was "Reggie Nelson really an above average safety in 2016"? "Was Denico Autry little more than a used tissue in 2016?" And lastly ask yourself, "when did it get so cold in here, like guys it's so cold why are you looking at me like that, I swear this has never happened before!? "

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