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[OC] Where every current head coach was 10 years ago

There is an annual article that look at what every FBS college head coach was doing ten years ago. It is a wonderful idea, but I have not seen anything like it for NFL coaches. So I did the information gathering myself.

Very simply, I looked up all the coaches, the job they had for the 2007 season, and any additional info about other long-term jobs they previously had or other weird quirks.

Team - Coach 10 years ago (2007) Extra notes
Arizona Cardinals - Bruce Arians First year as Steelers offensive coordinator Temple head coach 1983-1988
Atlanta Falcons - Dan Quinn First year as Jets defensive line coach
Baltimore Ravens - John Harbaugh First year as Eagles defensive backs coach Spent previous nine seasons as special team coach, switch over to improve head coach candidacy
Buffalo Bills - Sean McDermott First year as Eagles linebacker coach Been with Eagles since 1999 in various scouting and defensive roles
Carolina Panthers - Ron Rivera First year as San Diego Chargers linebackers coach Was the defensive coordinators for 2006 NFC Champions Bears, contract was not renewed after disagreements with head coach Lovie Smith
Chicago Bears - John Fox Sixth year as Panthers head coach
Cincinnati Bengals - Marvin Lewis Fifth year as Bengals head coach Has yet to change jobs
Cleveland Browns - Hue Jackson First year as Falcons offensive coordinator
Dallas Cowboys - Jason Garrett First year as Cowboys offensive coordinator Longtime quarterback backup for Cowboys; second year in coaching
Denver Broncos - Vance Joseph Second year as 49ers defensive back coach
Detroit Lions - Jim Caldwell Sixth year as Colts quarterback coach Wake Forest head coach 1993-2000
Green Bay Packers - Mike McCarthy Second year as Packers head coach Has yet to change jobs
Houston Texans - Bill O'Brien First year as Patriots offensive assistant
Indianapolis Colts - Chuck Pagano First year as North Carolina defensive coordinator
Jacksonville Jaguars - Doug Marrone Second year as Saints offensive coordinator
Kansas City Chiefs - Andy Reid Ninth year as Eagles head coach
Los Angeles Chargers - Anthony Lynn First year as Browns running back coach
Los Angeles Rams - Sean McVay Entering senior year as a wide receiver for Miami University No, really, he's that young
Miami Dolphins - Adam Gase First year as Lions quarterback coach
Minnesota Vikings - Mike Zimmer First year as Falcons defensive coordinator Spent previous seven seasons as Cowboys defensive coordinator
New England Patriots - Bill Belichick Eighth year as Patriots head coach Has yet to change jobs, longest active head coach stint with one team
New Orleans Saints - Sean Payton Second year as Saints head coach Has yet to change jobs
New York Giants - Ben McaDoo Second year as Packers tight end coach
New York Jets - Todd Bowles Third year as Cowboys defensive backs coach
Oakland Raiders - Jack Del Rio Fifth year as Jaguars head coach
Philadelphia Eagles - Doug Pederson Third year as Calvary Baptist Academy head coach High school
Pittsburgh Steelers - Mike Tomlin First year Steelers head coach Has yet to change jobs, replacing longtime coach Bill Cowher
San Francisco 49ers - Kyle Shanahan First year Texans quarterback coach Spent 2006 as Texans wide receiver coach
Seattle Seahawks - Pete Carroll Seventh year as USC head coach Jets head coach in 1995, Patriots head coach 1997-1999
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Dirk Koetter First year as Jaguars offensive coordinator Spent previous six seasons as Arizona State head coach
Tennessee Titans - Mike Mularkey First year as Dolphins tight end coach Second year with team, stepped down from offensive coordinator after head coaching change
Washington Redskins - Jay Gruden Fourth year as Orlando Predators head coach Arena Football League

Some takeaways:

  • 11 of the 32 currents head coach had a head coaching job at any given level (~34%) and another three had long term stints. However, only five of them haven't been fired from their 2007 jobs.

  • The remaining breakdown includes five offensive coordinators and seven offensive positional coach/assistant (~38% combined), and two defensive coordinator with six positional coaches (~25%).

  • And one college player.

  • I can't recall another instance like Mularkey's, getting demoted from the coordinator role but sticking around with the team anyway.

  • Bobby Petrino had two future head coaches as his coordinators and didn't last a full season. Pathetic.

  • With the Bengals, Marvin Lewis has as many jobs changes as playoff wins.

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