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Official 2017 r/NFL Top 100 Players (of the 2016 Season) - Hub Post, Notes & Methodology

Welcome everyone, to the hub post for the 2017 r/NFL Top 100 Players (of the 2016 Season)!


Now with those formalities out of the way, this session brought about a rather large shift of focus for our rankers. In previous years, there was one rule, and one rule only, “Tell us who the top 100 NFL players are, according to you.” And that rule served us well, because it allowed for a myriad of interpretations and gave us an extremely diverse set of rankings.

But every year there was feedback from you, our readers, because you weren’t able to distinguish why players were ranked certain ways. So, over the season I gathered a small group of rankers together and we hashed out a change to that one rule. It’s a small change but it has BIG implications. The new rule is:

“Tell us who the top 100 NFL players of the previous season are, according to you.”

With that change, this list is all about the 2016 season. So that means that even though JJ Watt is an absolute humble beast of a man, he will not be on this list.

Our rankers nominated players at the start of this endeavor, and we came up with a list of 240 players to work from. They spent 6 weeks breaking down 17 positional groups into their own tiers, and then massaged those tiers into their final lists.

In each rankers list, a player had a value assigned. The #1 overall ranked player received 1 point, the #2 received 2 points, etc., finishing with the #100 ranked player, who received 100 points. All unranked players on the individual lists received 125 points. After all of the rankings had been gathered, the top 2 and bottom 2 rankings were removed. This was to ensure that any outliers due to homerism (high) or forgetfulness (low) would not adversely affect the rankings. Once they were removed, the scores were averaged and sorted to give us our list.

To ensure that our rankers were as fair and unbiased as possible, they have each known since the beginning that their rankings would be made public throughout the process. Starting with the 100-91 ranking, I will link to a spreadsheet that includes all of our ranker’s personal list for that day’s group; in the end during the post-mortem my Master List of all rankings of all players will also be made available to the public.


For each day listed the rankings will be posted at roughly 12noon EDT, give or take a few minutes.

Friday, June 23rd Honorable Mentions 120-101 Coming soon!
Monday, June 26th 100-91 Coming soon!
Wednesday, June 28th 90-81 Coming soon!
Friday, June 30th 80-71 Coming soon!
Monday, July 3rd 70-61 Coming soon!
Friday, July 7th 60-51 Coming soon!
Monday, July 10th 50-41 Coming soon!
Wednesday, July 12th 40-31 Coming soon!
Friday, July 14th 30-21 Coming soon!
Monday, July 17th 20-11 Coming soon!
Thursday, July 20th 10-5 Coming soon!
Monday, July 24th 5-1 Coming soon!
Thursday, July 27th Post-Mortem Coming soon!


Finally, we would like to thank the moderators of r/NFL for allowing us to bring you the 5th edition of these rankings and taking up a sticky spot 2-3 times a week for the next five weeks.

We also need to thank every ranker who participated this season, but especially those who made it all the way through and were eligible to submit final ranking lists. We had a smaller group to start this term, with 73 rankers to start. We normally see about half of the rankers fall away as the workload builds, but this year we had 48 rankers eligible to submit lists, and there we had a 100% success rate.

And as always, I personally want to thank /u/Staple_overlord for starting this whole thing 5 years ago, and I want to thank him, /u/skepticismissurvival and /u/meowdy for letting me (u/mister_jay_peg) take over for my now 2nd year.

On a final note, I would hope this goes without saying, but the rankers all spent a lot of their own personal time working on their lists, and they did it simply because they love to talk about football. If they engage with you all in the posts to discuss their rankings, understand that outside of focusing on 2016, we did not put any specific guides on how they built their lists. Respect that they are humans just like you, and if you disagree with them, please do wo without being disagreeable.

Now with all of these formalities out of the way, we are now roughly 6 hours away from the first batch of rankings, the Honorable Mentions, 120-101! Can’t wait!

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