Monday, June 26, 2017

Roast Series Hub Post and Recap/Review


(1/32) Carolina Panthers

(2/32) Miami Dolphins

(3/32) Minnesota Vikings

(4/32) Washington Redskins

(5/32) Kansas City Chiefs

6/32) Los Angeles Rams

(7/32) Jacksonville Jaguars

(8/32) Tennessee Titans

(9/32) Philadelphia Eagles

(10/32) Indianapolis Colts

(11/32) Seattle Seahawks

(12/32) Detroit Lions

(13/32) Buffalo Bills

(14/32) Baltimore Ravens

(15/32) Houston Texans

(16/32) Los Angeles Chargers

(17/32) Cleveland Browns

(18/32) Dallas Cowboys

(19/32) Arizona Cardinals

(20/32) Green Bay Packers

(21/32) New Orleans Saints

(22/32) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

(23/32) San Francisco 49ers

(24/32) Atlanta Falcons

(25/32) Cinncinati Bengals

(26/32) Pittsburgh Steelers

(27/32) New England Patriots

(28/32) Chicago Bears

(29/32) New York Giants

(30/32) New York Jets

(31/32) Oakland Raiders

(32/32) Denver Broncos

As I said before we would be voting for the top three roasters so please fill out the form Here. It’s only one question.

Also, HUGE shout out to /u/waunakonor for his great statistical breakdown of roasting by fanbase. The work you did was a great addition to the series. Thanks man!

So now that the series is over is there anything you would like to see that you would believe would make the series better? Anything you would like to see implemented in the future? Things you think I can do better? Any reviews, suggestions, recap comments, are welcome.

Once again guys thanks for a great series! Vote here whether you would like to have this series run next offseason as well

ALSO, please give me a few weeks to compile all of the "Best of". I am hoping to have everything put together and ready to announce in a few weeks.

Along with the best of, i will be announcing the winners, as well as the final decision as the state of the Roast series for a possible return next year

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