Saturday, June 17, 2017

Tom Brady's career has an interesting parallel

So I was going through Tom Brady's Wikipedia page and I noticed something interesting.

In his second year in the league (first as starter), he won a Super Bowl against a NFC West team (Rams). Then, he failed to make the playoffs with an AFC West team representing the AFC the next season (Raiders). Then, the next two years, he beat a NFC South (Panthers) and NFC East (Eagles) in the Super Bowl.

Why does this matter?

Over the past few years, Brady has beaten a NFC west team in the Super Bowl, (Seahawks) and failed to make the Super Bowl the next year, with the representative being an AFC West team (Broncos). Then, this year, he beat the Falcons, a NFC South team, in the Super Bowl.

Going by the start of his career, Brady is expected to win another ring against NFC East team this year. It also marks the end of his career timeline, so will he retire after being benched in the 2018-19 season to complete the circle?

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