Saturday, June 24, 2017

Why are great defenses more clutch than great offenses?

When you look some of the defenses most considered the best ever like the 2002 Bucs, 85 Bears,69 Chiefs,2013 Seahawks,2000 Ravens they have pretty much all played their best in the biggest games and moments of the postseason. For example the Seahawks had their best game against a record setting broncos offense in the Super Bowl.

But when you look at the all time great offenses they pretty much always choke when it matters. Off the top of my head

2007 Patriots- Laid a stinker in the AFC championship game saved by their defense keeping the Chargers out of the redzone all game. We all know about the SB held to 7 points through 55 mins and 14 points overall.

2012 Patriots-13 points in the AFC championship game

2013 Broncos-8 points in garbage time in the Super Bowl. Was held under 30 in previous 2 home playoff games

2011 Packers-20 Points at home to the Giants

2016 Falcons-21 by the offense points in the SB. 7 points after halftime

2004 Colts-3 Points in the AFC championship game

1990 Bills-19 points in the SB against Giants

1983 Redskins-9 points in the SB

2001 Rams-17 points in the SB against NE

Even the 99 Rams an all time offense that actually won the Super Bowl didn't exactly play well. They were held to 5 points at home in the NFC championship game deep in the fourth quarter and only scored 11 overall. Then in the SB had 16 points until the score with 2 minutes left scored to give them 23.

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