Saturday, July 1, 2017

Alan Page over Mean Joe

Giving Joe Greene the Best DT in history award is almost automatic. Also ranked among the best are Bob Lily, Merlin Olsen, Curley Culp, and sometimes Alan Page. I'm arguing that Page is the best DT, if not defensive lineman, of all time. Greene was the anchor of defenses allowing under 10ppg, earning 2 Defensive players of the year and 5 all pros. Alan Page was also defensive player of the year twice, but more importantly won an MVP in 1971. Lawrence Taylor is the only other defensive player to do that. Page had 6 all pro's, a mark only bested by Randy White and Bob Lily, who each had seven but didn't even win a DPOY. Alan Page has 173 unofficial sacks, which would put him 3rd all time and miles ahead of anybody else at the DT position. Even if you take into account other unofficial sacks from people like Deacon Jones, which would probably make Page worse than 3rd, Page is far and away the best DT. Joe Greene had 78.5 sacks, to put it into perspective. Page had 0.79 sacks per game. Kevin Greene, Bruce Smith, and Lawrence Taylor have 0.72, 0.70, and 0.77, respectively. However, a DT's main job is to stop the run, and that's hard to judge because of taking up double teams and so on, but in 1971 the Vikings allowed 2 rushing TD's and 3.6 ypc. Page was the leader of a Vikings defense that in its best season surrendered less ppg than the 85 Bears and 00 Ravens. The only Super Bowl era defense that was better was the 76 Steelers (by one point). As a cherry on top, he has 28 blocked kicks. I feel like when Page gets mentioned people think oh yeah the guy who was successful post-nfl. Joe Greene gets fame from his commercial and being a face of a famous team and defense with a catchy name. But no DT comes close to matching Page in Stats or awards.

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