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Big ups to Amazon/NFL Films for somehow making the 2016 LA Rams riveting television

Just finished a weekend binge of all or nothing Season 2 and I thought it was great. This was a team that went 4-12 and had a visiting team score more TDs in their home stadium than they did all year yet somehow they made season 2 very entertaining. From Hamm's narration, the music selection, game highlights, and sheer level of accessibility they had to the Rams organization was very impressive. Overall the Rams gave me the impression of a team that was a little lost, lacking talent on offense(despite the quadrillion times they try to tell you how good Tayvon Austin is on the show), and that the coaches outside of Fisher/Fassel really only know one button to press to motivate the team and that was the "fuck you fuck you fuck you" button. Few more impressions of some of the more notable people:

Greg Williams: Poster child for the above. Just a complete dick and one trick pony in terms of communication. You could tell the players could just completely tune him out and his cursing/rage had zero effect in improving their play or motivating them. He had basically just become a character to them.

Jeff Fisher: Seemed like a good dude and was universally respected/loved by the coaches/players. The right man to move the team from STL to LA but with that roster and he as head coach they just didn't have a future.

Jared Goff: I was honestly very impressed with Goff. Obviously there's his famous hard knocks soundbite where he discusses the finer points of astronomy which was hilarious and made him look a little dense. But on All or Nothing he seemed to be a good motivator and had great command of the huddle despite being a rookie.

Todd Gurley: Doesn't get a whole lot of air time on the show but there was one scene where he just LIGHTS into everybody on the offense (cause the rams were doing particularly awful that day) and I just kinda felt bad for everybody. That's all I got there.

Aaron Donald: Simply one of those players you can tell is just better than everybody else. He pops man. They showed highlights from something like a 9 game losing streak from that team and Donald is still eating linemen alive in every single game. I really didn't realize how good he was till I watched this show.

John Fassel: John Fassel was awesome. He just exuded positivity and good energy which stood in complete contrast to Rob Boras (coordinator of their last place offense) and Greg Williams. When anything was going wrong (which was frequent), Rob and Greg seemed to default to carpet bombing F bombs where as Fassel seemed to speak more in terms of scheme or procedure. I can see why McVay kept him on.

Anyway, would love to hear what others thought of the show.

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