Friday, July 14, 2017

How does an average person stack up against players in the NFL?

Before I write this wall of text, I would like to start out by saying that I'm 6'2 and roughly 180. I am generally more athletic (despite my slight beer belly) than my friends because of my hand eye coordination and my quick reflexes. I was just like every other kid when it comes to what I want to be when I grow up. The usual stuff like meteorologist, stockbroker, paleontologist, but most of all I wanted to be a football player. So could I, an early twenties part time college student, come close to competing in the NFL? Let's find out...

Let's take a look at what my combine scores look like:

40 yd dash time: 5.65 Bench Press: 0 Vertical: 15 inches edit: guys I think I can jump higher than this but it's hard to measure Cone Drill: 8-10 seconds? It was tough to set this up accurately

The rest of the tests don't matter/didn't feel like doing them...

So let's do some digging... The worst 40 yard dash of the 2017 combine was by Damien Mama at 5.84 seconds. He is a guard for USC and got picked up as an UDFA by the Chiefs. He is the only player that ran a worst 40 time than me in the 2017 combine. The next worst was a 5.61 by olinenman Jerry Ugokwe... and that dude weighs 140 pounds more than me. But I'll take it. So I'm already not the worst at that!

The bench press featured a couple of 5's by Donnel Pumphry and Channing Stribly. Pumphry was drafted in the 4th round by the Eagles and Stribling got signed by the Browns after the draft. No zero's in 2017... or , at least that I could find... ever. But I'm sure some kickers would put up doughnuts. Just look at this dude here.

Worst vertical in 2017 i could find is 20 inches by a couple people they're probably like 400 pounds I don't know this thing is getting too long and thought that i could at least beat some lineman but whatever.

My 3 cone time was too unofficial so let's just skip it i don't care anymore I already know my answer.

I don't stack up well... even against lineman.. I guess if I had strong legs i could maybe be a kicker or something. Sorry for this garbage shitpost i thought it could be interesting.

TL;DR Even average people can't run faster than lineman. So no us normies don't stack up well.

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