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How many franchise GOATS are currently playing?

After reading the similar post in /r/baseball I was wondering how many franchises currently have their GOAT playing for them.

Without a Doubt

Tom Brady - No disrespect to John Hannah, but Brady being regarded by more and more people as the league GOAT. What's crazy his is most recent, 39 year-old version may be the best we've ever seen him. Easily the greatest Patriot ever.

JJ Watt - Houston has a pretty shallow franchise history but Watt has been an incredible bright spot. He's a 4x First team All-Pro and 3x DPOY.

Drew Brees - He has a legitimate shot at retiring as the league's all-time leader in passing TDs, yards, and completions. He also led the Saints to their first, and so far only, Super Bowl. Beyond his football accomplishments he is a hero in New Orleans.


Aaron Rodgers - Reggie White is on the shortlist for league GOAT, but he spent a significant (and best) portion of his career in Philadelphia. Brett Favre has the lead in MVPs (3-2) and All-Pro selections (6-3), but Rodgers is widely considered the better QB and his efficiency numbers support that idea. It is not far-fetched to predict that Aaron Rodgers will retire as the best QB to ever do it, so I'm placing him above Favre on this list because he's already far surpassed Favre in skill and has a lot of time left to surpass him in accolades as well.

Luke Kuechly - He has been a top 2 ILB for a few years now, and, barring significant setbacks due to concussions, will continue to be for several seasons to come. Carolina has a short team history so Kuechly doesn't have a ton of competition. He's only a Probably because he's got a lot of career left and hasn't shone above his peers at the same level JJ Watt has.

Julio Jones - Last year Jones showed that he is the best WR in football and he has all the tools to be even better. This ranking has a huge caveat though - injuries. Right now, as of this very moment, Julio Jones does not belong here. He's only played 79 games for the Falcons. He's played fewer games for the team than Tony Gonzales, and he was a HOFer before he even came to Atlanta. If Jones can stay healthy, his spot here will be unquestionable.

Larry Fitzgerald - A surefire HOF and top 10 all-time in receptions, yards, and TDs. He has been the face of the franchise for over decade.

No Current Player Even Comes Close

Bruce Smith

Dan Marino

Joe Namath/Mark Gastineau/Don Maynard

Gene Upshaw

John Elway

Tony Gonzalez/Derrick Thomas

LaDainian Tomlinson/Lance Alworth/Junior Seau

Tony Boselli

Peyton Manning

Bruce Matthews

Ray Lewis

Jack Lambert

Otto Graham

Anthony Munoz

Jerry Rice/Joe Montana

Deacon Jones

Steve Largent

Lawrence Taylor

Emmitt Smith

Sammy Baugh

Reggie White

Barry Sanders

Walter Payton/Mike Ditka

Alan Page/Adrian Peterson

Derrick Brooks

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