Sunday, July 2, 2017

NFL Triple Crown Winners

The Triple Crown in MLB is an award where a player has to lead the entire field in three specific categories. I was curious about who has led the NFL in Passing Rushing and Receiving Triple Crowns.

To win the Triple Crown you have to lead the NFL in Comp%, Passing yards, and Passing TD; or Rushing yards, Rushing TD, and Yards per Attempts; or Receptions, Receiving yards, and Receiving TD.

Here is the list of all the Triple Crown winners in NFL History (1932-present).

Notes: AAFC statistics are not recognized by the NFL as the way AFL statistics are, and these reflect that as well. min 6.25 Rush Att per team game to be eligible for Y/A min 10 pass att per team game for Comp%


49ers are the only team to have someone achieve all three. Don Hutson was the Babe Ruth of the NFL

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