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Official 2017 r/NFL Top 100 Players (of the 2016 Season) - #20-11

Hello, everyone! Just like Xur I am here to bestow upon you all my special gifts, except today is Monday! I say welcome to you all as we are prepared for today’s installment of the r/NFL Top 100 Players of 2016!

Today we bring you Part IX of our series, revealing players 20-11 as voted on by our rankers, as well as the Ranking Predictor for the players ranked 30-11.

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Now, for the Ranking Predictor for the players ranked 40-31 on Wednesday:

#30 - T.Y. HIlton, WR, Indianapolis Colts 16.67% 42.86% 40.48%
#29 - Andrew Whitworth, Tackle, Cincinnati Bengals 0.00% 19.05% 80.95%
#28 - Travis Kelce, TE, Kansas City Chiefs 7.14% 47.62% 45.24%
#27 -Alex Mack, Center, Atlanta Falcons 7.14% 45.24% 47.62%
#26 - Drew Brees, QB, New Orleans Saints 28.57% 35.71% 35.71%
#25 - Eric Berry, SS, Kansas City Chiefs 38.10% 42.86% 19.05%
#24 - Zack Martin, Guard, Dallas Cowboys 21.43% 57.14% 21.43%
#23 - Joe Thomas, Tackle, Cleveland Browns 19.05% 50.00% 30.95%
#22 - Aqib Talib, CB, Denver Broncos 7.14% 21.43% 71.43%
#21 - Odell Beckham Jr., WR, New York Giants 59.52% 30.95% 9.52%

(Wow, are you guys down on this group.)

And now, as always, it’s the best part of the list, my broken record time!

1- As always, these rankings are based 100% on the 2016 season, so all players are listed with their 2016 teams and cities.
2- And if you just can’t stand where we have [insert personal favorite player here] and if you think you can generate a better list you can always fill out your own Top 100 rankings here at the same form our rankers used. These lists so are pretty good, and we’ll release an aggregate of the with the post mortem on July 27th!

Before we start, I need to know how ready you are for this? Is this you right now? If not, how about now? Still now enough? Then this is for you!

So let’s get crackalackin’, because part IX of the Top 100 Players (of the 2016 Season), players ranked #20-11, starts now!

#20 - Eric Weddle - SS - Baltimore Ravens - Previous Rank: N/R

Check out Eric Weddle’s stats here!

Written by /u/pdiz8133

Eric Weddle's first year with the Ravens was a standout as he became the leader of the Ravens’ secondary. Against the passing game, there were very few times where Weddle was not playing his role perfectly. He racked up 13 passes defended (a career high for him) and four interceptions in 2016. One of Weddle's strengths is his awareness and his ability to follow up on plays where the ball is tipped. He gave Brady his second interception (of only 2) on the year on a play like this. This ability of Weddle's is great at killing momentum for the opposing offense (see 3:53).

His pass defense alone is not what makes Weddle the amazing safety that he is, Weddle can defend the run and rush the passer as well. Weddle finished 4th at his position for run-stop percentage while PFF ranked him as 5th amongst all safeties when defending against the run.

Weddle fit right into the Raven's scheme and displayed excellence in both pass coverage and run defense. He was easily the best performer for the Ravens on the defensive side of the ball. Not to mention his candidacy for best beard in the NFL (R.I.P.) and his unparalleled recruiting skills.

#19 - Mike Evans - WR - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Previous Rank: N/R

Check out Mike Evans’ stats here!

Written by /u/YouMake

Never in the history of this organization have the Buccaneers drafted a more gifted and talented WR than Mr. Michael Lynn Evans III, his talents were on full display in the 2016 season. I think ever Bucs fan is over the moon excited for him for years to come, let's get into it.

The most mind-blowing fact about Mike Evans in 2016 is that of his 96 receptions last season only THREE of them were not either a TD or a 1st down. He had 12 TDs and 81 receptions that resulted in a 1st down. The guy knows how to move those sticks. He finished the season with the highest 1st down percentage in the entire league with 84.4%. Jameis and Mike have a real connection going on as Mike was targeted an NFL leading 173 times in 2016. With little no help from a supporting cast Evans was the focal point of the offense, defenses knew it, heck everyone knew it and the guy still balled out. I mean is there a better regular season catch than this?

Mike isn't one of the elite separators in the game today averaging just 2.13yards. what he possesses is elite size and a basketball background. One of the best plays that demonstrates this is against Robert Alford See Here. Mike has his hips inside of Alford and has the smaller DB behind him. Evans with his 37" vertical and ~35" arms leave little no chance once he boxes the smaller Alford out and attacks the ball at the highest point. His catch radius is something of wonder, how he's able to stretch out and make some of the tough catches is what separates him from the pack. His redzone awareness and ability is something else to watch. It's very seldom that he doesn't complete the catch for the TD when he's down there. He knows at all time where he is if he needs to get that toe drag swag or not.

Aqib Talib said about Evans in Sept of 2016:

[He's] big, fast, he goes in that Calvin Johnson category, the Julio Jones category. The big, fast guys with the big catch radius.

With receivers, man, there's some guys -- you either have a huge catch radius or you don't," Talib said. "That's nothing you can learn in the NFL. I'm sure if you go watch Evans' tape from seventh or eighth grade, I bet he was doing the same thing -- catching jump balls and running past people, catching deep balls. It's just that catch radius that makes him special.


Evans route running drastically improved in 2016, over his previous 2 seasons in the NFL. Most of Evans routes are deep corner or post routes. One of the best plays that describe this is vs the Seahawks. Where he runs a deep post cuts in front of Kam to eliminate Kam from the play if Jameis wants to check the ball down to Doug Martin. Where he continues the route and makes a great catch over Bobby Wagner attacking it at its highest point. Breakdown of play Catch on the play. Evans opened up the middle of the field where Cameron Brate was able to roam around and make a living. The safeties and LBs had to respect him.

Mike is not afraid at all to make the tough catch and take the licking that's coming his way. I mean he gets crushed here still able to absorb it and know it's coming. Of course, the play against the Falcons comes to mind as well.

Mike has upped his play every single year that he has been in the league he's improved something about his game. I know in the 2017 off-season he wants to improve his YAC. I'm excited to see what the future holds for the young Buccaneers, he's definitely one of our contented pieces that aren't going anywhere for a long, long time.

#18 - Calais Campbell - 3-4 DT - Arizona Cardinals - Previous Rank: 74

Check out Calais Campbell’s stats here!

Written by /u/Evilan

Calais Campbell is simply a monster.

I don’t just mean his staggering size of 6’8” and 290 lbs, but also his playstyle. With good reason Campbell is often likened to Goliath in the old parable, but in this story the David’s on the offensive line don’t normally get the better of this champion.

Campbell originally started his career as a 3-4 defensive end when the Cardinals began their transition to the 3-4 base formation under Whisenhunt nearly 10 years ago, but in recent years has made a more permanent move inside. The former second round pick was intended to become a key piece of the defensive line opposite his fellow end Darnell Dockett, but no one could’ve seen Campbell exceeding his fellow Pro Bowler teammate in talent and production. And yet Campbell did, he took it to offensive tackles with impressive bend and athleticism not often seen in a player of his size at the 5-technique spot and is also able to rush past guards with his impressive strength as well. Campbell is the full package of what you want in a player on the defensive line combining overwhelming size and extraordinary athleticism in his play. For these reasons, he is often considered the second-best DT or 3-4 DE in the league behind only the likes of JJ Watt and Aaron Donald at any given time. It makes sense that he was the key player on the Cardinals defense for the past 7 seasons and extremely high on r/NFL's Top 100.

However, Campbell’s time with Big Red is now at an end. After a 2016 campaign that saw Campbell put up maybe his best year of production ever as a pro, he is on his way to Jacksonville to continue his dominance on the line. As sad as it is to see the big man go, he gave us a ton of good memories and 57 great home run swings. Knowing Campbell though, he'll probably continue to terrorize the AFC South just as much as he did the NFC West.

We’re going to miss our big friendly giant in the desert during the 2017 season.

#17 - Travis Frederick - Center - Dallas Cowboys - Previous Rank: 35

Check out Travis Frederick’s stats here!

Written by /u/mister_jay_peg

Travis Frederick's beard is magnificent.

Sorry. I mean Travis Frederick is magnificent. He absolutely is. I've done all three of the linemen from Dallas on this list, and after watching that group play over all 16 games, there is not a team in the league that looks at man The Best Beard in the NFL (sorry, Nick Mangold and u/nickmangoldsbeard) and at least thinks for a few minutes about a straight up swap for their center, and there are at least 25-26 GM's who offer a child or a 1st Rd pick for him.

I want to focus on his ability in the run game today, because this is where he absolutely excels above all but the very elite interior lineman.

The first play we look at is against the Bengals. Right off the snap he has his hands under the pads of the DT so he has body control to twist him wherever he wants. After a quick chip from martin going to the second level, he's able to fully cross the face and the defender is totally walled off from the running lane he should have been plugging, and it was effortless. The final flourish on the play almost feels as if Frederick is playing with him, the way he pulls with his left hand and shoves with his right, totally taking the man off balance. The play ends with Zeke squeaking through the line, but that is no fault of the interior. Doug Free gets shoved by Dunlap, cutting down the outside of the lane.

Our second play is an inside zone left (right on the screen) (credit to Brandon Thorn @VeteranScout for this). Off the ball, Frederick does it again. He has his hands under the pads of Linval Joseph (ed. note: BTW, Linval Joseph belonged on this list. Travesty. - MJP) and just manhandles him to the ground. Again pushing with his right and rotating, he takes Joseph totally off balance and lays him on his ass like he was blocking a DII college kid. That power generated with the small hip burst is not something you see in a lot of players, even at this level.

Play number three is also against the Vikings (sorry, Skep), and it shows off speed, agility and power in one play. Off the snap he avoids all contact on the first level and slides up to engage Greenway. he makes initial contact, but almost gets tripped up by Free who has put his defender on ice skates, but he's able to get his feet back under him, plant and turn into a brick wall, allowing Zeke to cut off his hip for a big gain.

This last one is a chip and engage against the Packers. Frederick delivers a major stun chip to Mike Daniels and effortlessly flows to the LB and shuts him down in his tracks with great hand placement and leverage.

Simply put. Travis Frederick is, I dare say it, the best offensive lineman in Dallas right now. And that is one hell of a compliment from a guy who thinks Tyron Smith is generational at LT.

#16 - Trent Williams -Tackle - Washington Redskins - Previous Rank: 70

Check out Trent Williams’ stats here!

Written by /u/skinsballr

As I’ve said in last year’s blurb about “Silverback”, the Redskins’ mammoth Offensive Tackle just keeps getting better, year-by-year. He is the best offensive tackle in football. Pro Football Focus gave him the highest run-blocking grade out of all guards and tackles, allowed only one sack all year (a career-best!) and PFF ranked him as the best offensive tackle (let alone, best left tackle) in the NFL. Bleacher Report’s yearly top 1000 had Trent Williams as the highest-rated player overall! Let that sink in for a minute... the #1 player in the NFL! And, he jumped from #87 in /r/NFLTop100’s list in 2015 to #70 to now… sixteen!

Despite missing four games (suspension), Williams showed his versatility – no more so than in Week 4 against the Giants. After losing Left Guard Shawn Lauvao and Center Kory Lichtensteiger to injuries, Trent subbed-in for Lauvao at LG (1st time ever in his career), and did remarkably well – just look at Trent sacrificing his body to take out not one, but two Giants players on this Jamison Crowder TD! With poor play continuing from Lauvao (especially against the Cardinals late last season), there was rumor after rumor that Williams should semi-permanently move to LG (bumping Lauvao to the bench and moving surprising standout offensive tackle Ty Nsekhe to Williams’s original position) after his four-game suspension. But Head Coach Jay Gruden and Offensive Line Coach Bill Callahan stayed the course and played Williams at LT for the remainder of the season.

Williams has played through various ailments - from nagging ankle and leg injuries to a minor concussion - yet only missed seven games in six seasons with the Redskins due to injury - that's like 1 missed game/season.

Regardless, Williams is a treat to watch – just look as he tosses aside renowned players like Jared Allen, Chandler Jones, Clay Matthews, Trent Cole, Fletcher Cox, Julius Peppers and JPP like rag dolls – thanks, /u/HTTRJustin! Year-in and year-out, he plays like a man possessed – and what’s most-remarkable about “Silverback” is that he is one of the most-agile 300+ offensive linemen in today’s NFL. When pulling on screen passes, he has the speed of some wide receivers as the gorilla steamrolls his way downfield! Just watch his Top 100 video, and the accolades he gets from teammates Ryan Kerrigan and Ricky Jean-Francois (now with the Packers), as well as fellow OT Taylor Lewan and Packers defensive lineman Mike Daniels.

"I think that one play that speaks to his athleticism was when [the Redskins] played the Packers in 2013 and he was lead blocking for Pierre Garcon and he was running stride-for-stride with him and then absolutely leveled the guy he had to block. His complete combination of power and speed makes nightmares for defenders to face"

“He really is a freak of nature at that LT spot.”

– Redskins DE Ryan Kerrigan

I’m glad the Redskins have a franchise cornerstone at Left Tackle now and for the years to come. Good luck to all future defensive linemen trying to get past this guy!

#15 - Bobby Wagner - 4-3 MLB - Seattle Seahawks - Previous Rank: 97

Check out Bobby Wagner’s stats here!

Written by /u/Super_Nerd92

In my opinion--clearly shared by our other rankers--Bobby Wagner was the best 4-3 MLB in the NFL last season that played all 16 games love you Panthers fans. Top-tier performance is nothing new to Wagner, whose career to date includes 3 Pro Bowl appearances, two AP first-team All-Pros (including his 2016 season), and an additional second-team All-Pro. Yet this season was potentially Wagner's greatest to date. He completely deserves #15 on our Top 100 list.

Wagner has never been asked to do more in this star-studded defense. First, Michael Bennett went down for multiple games early in the season. Then Kam Chancellor was hurt for 4 games in the middle of the season. Finally, Earl Thomas went down in Week 11 and would not return the rest of the year. In their combined absence, Wagner was more needed than ever, and he delivered:

  • A staggering 167 tackles--a franchise record, and the most of any player in the NFL last season.
  • 4.5 sacks and 6 stuffs.
  • 3 pass deflections, 1 interception, and 1 fumble recovery.

Now, stats never tell the full story, so I urge you to watch or read some analysis of Wagner in action. Here is an analysis of his play vs the Rams this season by our own /u/hbrwhammer, and here is a fan analysis of his entire 2016 season. Here is PFF discussing how Wagner was dominant against the run all season.

#14 - Ezekiel Elliott - RB - Dallas Cowboys - Previous Rank: N/R

Check out Ezekiel Elliot’s stats here!

Written by /u/RomoSexua1

When Dallas selected Elliott with the 4th overall pick, armchair-GMs around the country scoffed at the idea of picking a running back that high, especially when anybody could be effective behind that o-line. It is true that players like Darren McFadden could be effective, but it's certainly not true that Dallas would have been 13-3 and the one seed with McFadden, and there's no way McFadden would lead the NFL in rushing yards. Zeke is the MVP of the Cowboys, plain and simple, and there are many ways this can be shown, one being him breaking the defense's will and almost single handedly beat the Steelers.

In 2015, Tony Romo went down early in the year, and Dallas never recovered, because despite the fact that he got over 1000 yards, Darren McFadden was not able to take advantage of the offensive line. He failed to wear down defenses with relentless contact, be a threat in the passing game, block effectively, or consistently break long touchdowns. However, when Tony went down in 2016, rookie quarterback Dak Prescott was able to lean on the most well-rounded running back Dallas has had since Emmitt Smith.

The thing that separated Dallas' offense this year from the awful 2015 offense was not the quarterback. It was how consistently Zeke moved the chains. In 2016, Elliott had 91 carries for 1st downs, while the next closest player had 72. "But /u/Romosexua1, didn't he get those because of Zack Martin, Tyron Smith, and Travis Frederick?" Nope. Darren McFadden only had 52 last year, and had all of the starters on his o-line, not just 4/5 like Zeke.

In addition to being fantastic running the ball in any situation, Zeke was also very good at pass protection and receiving. This allowed Dallas to do anything they wanted with their play calls. When he was on the field, a defense truly had to respect the pass and the run, which greatly helped their young QB, especially against the blitz. Other so-called elite players who are lack luster in one of these three areas limit the teams play calls and stifle their offense. And this talk of a balanced game isn't just based on the eye test; Zeke ranked 2nd in PFF's overall grades for running backs by two points.

Not to mention that he was more productive running the ball than anyone else while statistically being the most valuable back. He was also very reliable and not injured or suspended at any point in the season.

Shout out to /u/Barian_Fostate for his awesome film breakdown of Zeke and for "Debunking the myth of Ezekiel Elliott and his O-Line"

Tl;dr: Zeke is fantastic at picking up 1st downs and is good at everything. Thank him for the 13-3 season

#13 - Le’Veon Bell - RB - Pittsburgh Steelers - Previous Rank: 59

Check out Le’Veon Bell’s stats here!

Written by /u/Upgraded2

I've been patiently waiting to do this post.

After a mid-season ACL tear in the 2015 season, Le'Veon Bell was back on the field in 2016 and boy was he something. There's not many players in the league where you can just give the ball to them and they can win you a game; but Bell is one of them. What do I mean by this? Take the Buffalo game for example. 236 Rushing Yards, 62 Receiving Yards, & 3 Rushing TDs. On the back of a terrible performance by Big Ben, Le'Veon had 42 touches to lead us to victory. Somehow not convinced? In the first game of the playoffs against Miami, Bell broke the Steelers playoff rushing record with 167 yards & 2 TDs, then subsequently broke his own playoff record against the Chiefs the very next week with 170 rushing yards. This isn't just Bell breaking 2 big 50+ yard runs and calling it a day; this is Bell shouldering a 20-40 carry workload to grind down teams and lead us to victory. You simply can't stop him.

Still somehow not convinced? How about this one: Le'Veon Bell accumulated 1268 Rushing Yards, 7 Rushing TDs, 616 Receiving Yards, & 2 Receiving Touchdowns in 12 games, good for 1884 Yards overall and 3rd most in the league. Yes, you read that right. He had the 3rd most yards in the entire league despite playing 4 less games. Kind of a scary thought to think about what would've happened had he played all 16. Hell, the four defense he didn't play against were Washington's 24th ranked rush defense, Cincinnati's 21st, Philadelphia's 15th, and Cleveland's 31st. Can somebody say, "2500-yard season?". Enough with the speculation; back to what he did do. Aside from the AFC Championship game where he did not finish the game, only 1 time all season did Bell accumulate less than 100 yards (congrats Baltimore). That means that in 13/14 games, Bell had at least 100 yards total, peaking at the 298 against Buffalo, 201 against Cleveland, and 182 against the New York Giants. Production like this led PFF to grade him as the highest graded RB for 2016 with an 88.4 overall rating, as well as an 85.5 rushing rating (good for 1st), and an excellent 80.7 receiving grades as well as 81.7 pass blocking grade.

So, what exactly makes Le'Veon Bell so good? How about his very own running style. What Bell does requires a combination of unbelievable vision and excellent burst that very, very few possess. Instead of just hitting the ground running, Bell literally approaches the line, stops on a dime to find a hole, then bursts forward for 5+ yards every time. Here are some excellent examples (thanks to /u/Yji): Exhibit 1 Exhibit 2 Exhibit 3 Exhibit 4. Notice how he takes a little hop-step upon receiving the ball, waits for the OL to set up their blocks, then bursts through the open hole for big gains. It basically forces defenders to play at a slower speed so that they don't overrun him. It's borderline unstoppable. Once he's in the open field, Bell is also a very powerful runner who is not afraid to deal punishment to DBs. Runs like this and this are perfect examples. If you want more Bell highlights, take a look at this great NFL Top 10 video that really showcases him at his best.

If it weren't for the 4 missed games (even though one wasn't his fault as he was rested before the playoffs), Bell would be up there near the very top of the list, or possibly even #1. He's a dominant and unstoppable player that does stuff that no other player can. I really do hope he can be a Steeler for life.

#12 - Landon Collins - SS - New York Giants - Previous Rank: N/R

Check out Landon Collins’ stats here!

Written by /u/UnbiasedBrownsFan

Midway through the 2016 season Landon Collins was the holder a peculiar stat. He led his team in tackles, interceptions, and sacks. While it’s not entirely unusual for a safety to lead his team in interceptions and a strong safety may lead his team in tackles from time to time, it is almost unheard of to have a safety lead their team in sacks. This second level of versatility is what landed him so high on this list, the top-rated safety in the NFL. The production of Collins last season easily outpaced all other safeties and propelled him into the conversation for Defensive Player of the Year. His growth from last year helped catalyze the Giants from the 30th ranked scoring defense to the 2nd in just one season. In only his second year in the NFL, Collins has shown that there is still plenty more to come.

Last season Landon Collins was an elite run defender and punishing hitter. His ability to move up into the box and provide support against the run helped fortify the Giants 3rd ranked rush defense. His hard-hitting play style combined with his natural instincts to flock to the ball provided the Giants with numerous game changing plays throughout the season. Landon Collins had an Earl Thomas-like effect on his team, elevating the play of everyone around him and that’s part of why his impact was so valuable last season.

But while he was an elite run defender, Collins also excelled against the pass. He padded his stats to the tune of five interceptions and thirteen passes defensed. His innate ball skills meant his hands were always contesting the football and forcing incompletions. Of course, this also assists in creating turnovers. And who could forget this gem in London? And in the end, I must remind you all that this was only Collins’ second season. That’s right, this man is only 23 years old. If that doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what will.

#11 - Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packers - Previous Rank: 29

Check out Aaron Rodger’s stats here!

Written by /u/skepticismissurvival

Why I Hate Aaron Rodgers

Let's start off with some stats. Aaron Rodgers threw for 4428 yards, 40 TDs, and 7 interceptions last year. His TD% of 6.5% was second best in the league, his INT% of 1.1% was tied for 4th best. His raw Y/A (7.3) wasn't great, but when you adjust that for the TDs and INTs he was 4th best in the league. He did this rebounding from a "down" year where he threw just 31 TDs to 8 interceptions. Terrible, I know. Aaron Rodgers isn't fair. I hate him.

This is what he did in the red zone last year. This year, Aaron Rodgers will become the 11th QB in NFL history to throw for 300 TDs. He's going to have somewhere near his current number of 72 interceptions. The average player to throw 300 TDs threw 171 interceptions in the time it took them to reach that benchmark. Aaron Rodgers has the lowest interception percentage of any player in NFL history to throw for more than 500 passes. Aaron Rodgers has the highest TD% of any QB who started his career after the AFL came into existence. Aaron Rodgers isn't fair. I hate him.

Now let's go to the tape. Aaron Rodgers consistently makes the seemingly impossible happen and the difficult look easy. Watch him move out of the pocket and loft a pass to his receiver like it's a nice summer stroll (the receiver dropped it but that's not his fault). Watch him casually toss the ball over 40 yards through the air off of his back foot to a wide open Jordy Nelson. Watch him evade the rush long enough to find an open receiver in the end zone. Watch him juke a DB after evading an unblocked rusher and score a TD. Watch him escape two defenders at his feet to convert a first down. Watch him thread the needle over two defenders while escaping to his right. Aaron Rodgers isn't fair. I hate him.

The worst part about Aaron is how he's so good at anything you are never comfortable when watching him play. Third and long? He'll find a way to dance around back there until someone gets open and then hit them between the numbers. Got pressure on him? He'll magic his way out of it and either run for the first or hit a wide-open receiver downfield. Normally, there's a bit of disarray when the original route design fails and the QB still has the ball. Often the QB might throw it away. Not Aaron Rodgers. You can be sure he will hold onto the ball until the last second and then find Jordy Nelson open 50 yards downfield somehow. Aaron Rodgers isn't fair. I hate him.

The worst part about Rodgers is that he's clutch. You think you have the game in hand? He does this. Or he does this. Or he does this. Or, maybe he does this. That last throw was one of the most ridiculous throws I have ever seen. Aaron Rodgers isn't fair. I hate him.

Rodgers has great spatial awareness. This gives him great pocket presence and allows him to extend plays to seemingly indefinite lengths. Rodgers is very in tune with his receivers, and this allows him to consistently throw for large gains on those plays he extends forever. Rodgers is a great decision-maker, and this means he rarely turns the ball over. Rodgers has probably the best arm in the game, which means he can make any throw to any point on the field with pinpoint accuracy. Aaron Rodgers isn't fair. I hate him. At least he gave me this.

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