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Offseason Review Series: Day 4: The Philadelphia Eagles

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Division: NFC East | 4th in NFC East (2-4 in Division)

  1. Dallas Cowboys (13-3 Overall | 3-3 in Division)

  2. New York Giants (11-5 Overall | 4-2 in Division)

  3. Washington Redskins (8-7-1 Overall | 3-3 in Division)

  4. Philadelphia Eagles (7-9 Overall | 2-4 in Division)

Head Coach: Doug Pederson

Offensive Coordinator: Frank Reich

Defensive Coordinator: Jim Schwartz


First things first…

And with that, it’s time to present to you another Eagles review, this time of their 2017 offseason. It’s weird thinking about the 2016 Eagles; they finished with the same record they finished 2015 with but in last place in the division instead of second. It’s an odd feeling, as I think fans will agree we did a lot of good things and have a lot of good pieces in place to build upon moving forward, but ultimately played like a last place team at times. In typical NFC East fashion, the division went from a laughing stock to a standard of excellence that no one saw coming. While it is perfectly reasonable to expect this division to come back down to Earth a bit, no one can look at the NFC East and really feel confident about their expectations of it.

Each team in the division has good foundations to build upon and weaknesses that can derail any championship hopes. The Cowboys have a strong offense, but are replacing two positions on its offensive line, in addition to replacing almost its entire secondary while simultaneously trying to find rushers that can sack a piss test. The Giants defense was great in 2016, but can they sustain that level of play? Probably, but can their offense, namely Eli the offensive line, and their running backs, not suck? The Skins lost two 1000 yard receivers and have a barebones defense being rebuilt. Where do the Eagles stand?

One thing we know about the Eagles is they are strong along the offensive and defensive lines. They have a great duo of starting linebackers and starting safeties with real talent at wide receiver to help the young QB and coach. Cornerback is a black hole and the QB has some growing to do, but there is a lot of potential at these positions. Where are the Eagles? They are a team with some real talent on the roster mitigated by large holes. I think the Eagles did a lot of really good things this offseason. They are just going to need some time to develop into more serious contenders. That doesn’t mean the upcoming season will be a wash; the Eagles could very well sneak into the playoffs. They just aren’t good enough right now to have high expectations for and they will need time to grow.

The focus of this piece will surround all of the offseason moves for the Eagles as well as detail expectations and project a good bit of the roster for 2017. I would regret not addressing the elephant in the room in the intro, so here I go: Call me Captain Obvious, but all eyes will be on Carson Wentz as he begins his second season in the NFL. It’s been a long offseason of pissing and moaning about this QB and that QB, but the bottom line is I think Wentz will grow as a player but not at a rapid pace that carries the team. As was reported earlier this offseason, Wentz worked Adam Dedeaux and Tom House to help improve his game. I think with the added weapons, solidified offensive line, and experience we’ll notice improvement from Wentz, but with some hiccups along the way. I would expect Wentz to pass for around 4000 yards, 25-28 TDs, and 12-15 INTs. I think it’ll take time for Wentz to become more consistent with his improved passing mechanics despite showing improvement in his overall game. I also expect the offense as a whole to be more aggressive than they were last year given the new piece added to the roster that can actually be used to open things up. But I think my projection for Wentz is a microcosm of my expectations for the team: steady, noticeable improvement, with flashes of potential, that’ll need a little bit more time to grow.

Patience isn’t an attribute Eagles fans have come to know, but I think they are going to learn it. This team has the potential to grow, and grow quickly, but it is not going to be without its bumps in the road this season, especially given the challenging schedule. Take the Cardinals for example; we haven't seen Arizona sink this fast since 1941. They still have a wealth of talent, and match-ups against them are always a battle.

I guess fans are going to have to trust the process? Yeah, I totally thought of that phrase on my own, like right now.

And with that, I hope everyone enjoys the review.


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Coaching Changes

The Eagles will be returning all but one coach from 2016 as they fired WR coach Greg Lewis and hired Mike Groh, formally of the Rams. Evidently, they didn't see growth from their WR group and he wasn't able to get through to them. There were obvious talent deficiencies on the roster at the position, so we'll see the impact the new coach will make. It was just clear as day the Eagles needed a Mike Groh manager.

The only reason I am listing this here instead of an expanded look is due to the lack of change is brings to the offense. Lewis was a relatively inexperienced coach, so landing a guy like Groh is a nice win for Pederson. The Eagles needed to remake their roster at receiver as well as develop guys through the draft; bringing in a veteran coach that has helped Alshon Jeffery and Kenny Britt becomes good players is promising.

Groh had a brief playing career in the NFL. He spent time with the Baltimore Ravens in their inaugural season in 1996 and finished his professional career with the Rhein Fire of NFL Europe in 1997. In 2000, Groh was hired as an assistant coach under his father, Al, who was the head coach of the New York Jets. He followed his father to Virginia in 2001, coaching the quarterbacks and receivers before taking over as the offensive coordinator in 2003. Mike Groh was the quarterbacks coach at Louisville in 2010, followed by two seasons as the receivers coach at Alabama. In his final season with the Crimson Tide, Mike Groh helped wideout Amari Cooper break through as a freshman.

The Chicago Bears hired Groh to be their receivers coach in 2013. Alshon Jeffery was part of the unit that Groh coached for the Bears, who the Eagles added this offseason. Groh has a solid track record in developing WR talent and should really help the Eagles receivers grow.

2016 Statistics

Offensive Statistic Total Avg/Gm Rank
Total Yds 5398 337.4 22
Net Passing Yds 3585 224.1 24
Passes Attempted 609 38.1 6
Passing TDs 16 1.0 28
Net Rushing Yds 1813 113.3 11
Rushes Attempted 438 27.4 10
Rushing TDs 16 1.0 10
Sacks Allowed 33 2.06 13
First Downs 333 20.81 14
Pass First Downs 192 12 21
Rush First Downs 114 7.13 5
Total Points 367 22.9 16
Time of Possession N/A 32:31 1
Defensive Statistic Total Avg/Gm Rank
Total Yds Allowed 5484 342.8 13
Passing Yds Allowed 3832 239.5 13
Pass Attempts Allowed 553 34.6 15
Opp. Completion Percentage N/A 60.2% 5 (Sort By %)
Passing TDs Allowed 25 1.56 17
Rushing Yds Allowed 1652 103.2 15
Rush Attempts Allowed 391 24.4 10
Rush Yards Per Attempt N/A 4.2 YPC 16
Rush TDs Allowed 10 0.63 10
Sacks 34 2.13 16
First Downs 300 18.75 6
Pass First Downs 177 11.06 5
Rush First Downs 89 5.56 10
Total Points Allowed 331 20.7 12
Time of Possession N/A 27:56 1
Turnover Statistic Total Avg/Gm Rank
Interceptions Thrown 14 .875 16
Fumbles Lost 6 .375 5
Giveaways 20 1.25 14
Defensive Interceptions 16 1.00 9
Defensive Fumble Recoveries 10 0.63 9
Turnover Differential +6 N/A 7


I would like to thank /u/skepticismissurvival [+2] again for putting this together and allowing me to write this. Also, thanks for all the resources. I would also like to thank /u/CrapFrancis, /u/isuckatthesethings1, and /u/wentzylvania. I always appreciate the help as well as your own view of the team. Lastly, I would also like to thank /u/spiritcrusher77 for the non-fan review!

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