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Offseason Review Series- Day 5: Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars

Division: AFC South

Last Season: 3-13

Before anyone asks, yes, there are 2 posts today (Jaguars and Eagles) since we skipped over July 4.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it- 2016 was the worst season in franchise history. There’s literally nowhere to go but up. Between an absolutely inept head coach that stayed on far longer than he should have, players not playing up to their potential (and even going as far as calling out the fan base), and high expectations that fell completely by the wayside after the week 2 blowout in San Diego (on the bright side, it’s the last time we’ll ever get blown out in San Diego), the 2016 season was a disaster where every week felt slower than the last.

The Jaguars have not had a winning record since 2007. To put that in perspective, I, a rising junior in college, was in elementary school the last time that this team had a winning record. The Jaguars have not been above .500 at any point in a season since 2011. The last time they were above .500 at any point was September 17, 2011, which was the day before week 2. To put that in perspective, only two players on the roster were on the team when that happened, Jack del Rio was still the head coach, and Wayne Weaver was the owner (not Shad Khan). And, the Jaguars have not won the division since 1999, when it was known as the AFC Central. To put that in perspective, All Star was legitimately popular (Shrek hadn’t been released yet), Vancouver had an NBA team, and people actually spent hard-earned American money to see this racist abomination completely butcher the English language and almost single-handedly destroy a franchise.

However, despite all of this, there is cautious optimism surrounding the Jaguars this year. Is it “spooky scary hype train” levels like last year, where there were no brakes on the Gus Bus? Nope. There’s a sense that the Jaguars are a bad team until they’re not, and that after being burned by this organization so many times, that they’re not going to believe in this team until they show us something. But, there is a cautiously optimistic approach to the team this year after a strong free agency, after bringing back Tom Coughlin to run football operations, after drafting Leonard Fournette, and after getting a pretty favorable schedule.

Want to send a shout out to /u/skepticismissurvival for allowing me to do these posts. This is the third straight year I’ve been able to do the Offseason Review Series for the Jaguars, as I did the 2015 and the 2016 posts for the Jaguars. Additionally, I did the 32 Teams/32 Days series for the Jaguars, doing the 2016 post and the 2017 post. Some of the information is going to be similar (mainly with the coaches), so just keep that in mind.

Also, I want to take this time to plug my Jaguars-themed podcast on /r/Jaguars called Teal Talk. I’m going to start picking it up again once camp gets underway, so if you want all news and info on all things Jaguars, come check it out.

If you’ve been around this subreddit and have seen one of my posts, you know that I tend to write a lot. This is the same guy that had to make a post and 4 comments on the career of Mike Furrey. There’s no way I’m fitting all of this into one post. I’d probably reach the character limit after the first section. For those curious, the final word count was slightly under 36,000 words, and over 200,000 characters which comes out to roughly 125 pages on Microsoft Word double-spaced in the standard 12-point font. So, as is tradition with these posts, I’m breaking it up into different sections in the comments. At the end of the day, you’re going to know more about the Jaguars than you ever wanted to know if you somehow power through all of this. With that being said, let’s take a look back at this past offseason for Jaguars, as well as what next season will bring.

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