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Offseason Review Series, Year Four, More Writers Needed!

Hi everyone,

The Offseason Review Series is in need of more writers! We have two fan positions open (Bengals and Texans) and a number of non-fan positions. Spots are first come-first serve.

If you have further questions, don't be afraid to ask. Here is the original sign-up thread, and below is the body of that thread.

You may remember my Offseason Review Series from last year. Or, if not, you may remember 32 Teams/32 Days, which I also run. The goal of both of these series is to provide a comprehensive guide to what has happened and also give a look ahead to what's next for each team (32/32 covers the previous year and FA/the Draft, respectively, while this series covers FA/the Draft and the next season). The series is crowdsourced and has produced a wealth of information on each team. I hope the third running of the Offseason Review Series will reach the same heights as the other series I have run.

Now to get to what I need from you guys. If you want a comprehensive explanation of what's expected from each writer, read this comment. Here are the topics that will be covered:

  • Reviewing coaching changes (if applicable)
  • Reviewing moves in free agency (key players lost, players signed, etc.)
  • Reviewing the team's draft, breaking down the players drafted and the role they will play
  • Projecting starting lineups (and optionally the 53-man roster) for next year and giving a prediction for each player's season
  • Looking at the team's schedule, predicting results game-by-game, and predicting where the team will finish.
  • General strengths and weaknesses (pass game, run defense, etc.)
  • Highlighting important training camp battles
  • Discussing a team's offensive and defensive strategies
  • Discussing other significant news stories affecting the team.

Now on to the topic of signups. Last year, for this series, I had two author spots for each team, one for a fan of that team and the other for a person who wasn't a fan. This didn't go perfectly, and I only had about half the people who were non-fan writers actually post. I typically rely on my writers to manage themselves. I will occasionally give reminders, but I'm not going to be babysitting anyone. So, I'm asking you to please, if you're considering signing up, make sure you're going to be dedicated to getting your post done well and on time. If you sign up and really want to write but something happens where you can't write anymore, I understand. This is an internet forum, not a job. But I don't want people who are on the fence signing up and then not delivering because it's a pain in the ass to find replacements. The Chargers ended up not having a writer last year because the original guy dropped out and the response from their sub was lackluster, and I'm still pissed about that. I don't want a recurrance. So, please, if you're considering signing up make sure you're committed and READ THIS COMMENT FIRST so you know what you're getting into. If you're looking for a standard to strive for, this post from 2014 is excellent.

One of the things that makes these series enjoyable for me is that the number of different writers leads to a wide variety of writing styles that means a diverse group of posts. I tend to write rambling monstosities. I always have to compete with some damn Raiders' fan. There were a few shorter posts that still had really good information, so you're not expected to quite write a novel (although I wouldn't complain if everyone wrote huge posts, but that's just me).

Some people are really funny. However, humor is fickle. This series is about delivering information first in my mind. I have no problem with joking around in posts and some of the best ones have been humor based. However, it's not everyone's wheelhouse. If you're going to go for that, try not to turn every single thing into a joke and also please run it by some people first to make sure it's not only funny in your own head. I give you avenues to do have your stuff previewed as a writer for this series.

Sign up here by commenting. You are allowed to write twice, once as a fan of your team and once as a non-fan. It's generally first-come-first-serve, but if you wrote last year and reply to this post by the time I go to sleep on Saturday you will retain your spot from last year. If you want to write as a non-fan, but don't have as a specific team you want to write for, say that. But if you have preferences, please list them. I'm going to give precedence to someone who lists a specific team over someone who just says "give me anyone."


Here are past version of the series:

Year 32 Teams/32 Days Offseason Review Series
2013 Here
2014 Here Here
2015 Here Here
2016 Here Here
2017 Here

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE (writers and dates are subject to change)

(if you said "I'll do it" and your name isn't up here it's because I'm waiting on the person who wrote it last year or there are multiple people offering to take the position)

Please, please, please do not PM me if you want to write. If you aren't a previous writer, I will assume you decided to not read this post, and therefore will not trust you to write for the series.

If you sign up, I'll add your name here. If you can't do it on the preliminary date, but can do it on a different day and want to write, let me know and I'll try to work things out for you.

The schedule isn't in drafting order, but it does go from teams that were 4th place in the division to teams that were 1st

Team Date Author Non-Fan Author Link
Cleveland Browns 7/3 /u/PuppyBowl-XI-MVP /u/PerendiaEshte
Los Angeles Chargers 7/5 /u/milkchococurry
Carolina Panthers 7/6 /u/BlindWillieJohnson
Philadelphia Eagles 7/6 /u/MikeTysonChicken /u/spiritcrusher77
Jacksonville Jaguars 7/7 /u/JaguarGator9
Chicago Bears 7/8 /u/PlatypusOfDeath
New York Jets 7/9 /u/mrnotoriousman
San Francisco 49ers 7/10 /u/maad-dog
Cincinnati Bengals 7/11
New Orleans Saints 7/12 /u/Stokest26 /u/iCabra
Denver Broncos 7/13 /u/BlindManBaldwin
Washington Redskins 7/14 /u/tee2green
Indianapolis Colts 7/15 /u/TheAFCfinalist
Minnesota Vikings 7/16 /u/skepticismissurvival
Buffalo Bills 7/17 /u/bceltics933
Los Angeles Rams 7/18 /u/yji
Baltimore Ravens 7/19 /u/jodatoufin
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7/20 /u/TheFencingCoach /u/O_the_Scientist
Oakland Raiders 7/21 /u/sio-kedelic /u/Brookboy
New York Giants 7/22 /u/SingleFatFootballFan /u/ssnomar
Tennessee Titans 7/23 /u/illiterategingersnap
Detroit Lions 7/24 /u/BigBlackTaco1
Miami Dolphins 7/25 /u/Purelybetter
Arizona Cardinals 7/26 /u/Matzo_Ball_Soup /u/DTSportsNow
Pittsburgh Steelers 7/27 /u/DeludedYinzer /u/iCabra
Atlanta Falcons 7/28 /u/Steffnov
Kansas City Chiefs 7/29 /u/DTSportsNow
Dallas Cowboys 7/30 /u/GorillaWarfare_ /u/Yooper33
Houston Texans 7/31
Green Bay Packers 8/1 /u/muhuwa
New England Patriots 8/2 /u/ssnomar /u/mattbnyg
Seattle Seahawks 8/3 /u/King_Rajesh

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