Friday, July 7, 2017

r/NFL Ranks Starting QBs - Part 4

First things first, you can find the link to today's poll here: QB Rankings Part 4

We are onto Tier 2 today, and I did go ahead and split the voting into 2 sections (Tier 2A & Tier 2b). 13 QBs was just too many to try to rank in a single go. Based on the original voting, the line of demarcation came between Philip Rivers and Jameis Winston. With my original scoring formula, there was a gap of 6,000 points between these two (but only 3,000 between Rivers and the top score of Tier 2). Also, the number of Tier 3 votes more than doubled between Rivers & Winston.

Onto the results of the previous poll. We saw an increase of more than 1,000 votes from the voting for Tiers 4 & 5, so a nice little bump. First I want to address the Tyrod Taylor portion of the poll. Overall, 2,000 votes were cast answering the option Taylor question, and of those 2,000 votes, 606 said he should be in Tier 4, which was the largest individual portion at 30.3%. While no other result matched this amount, 1,323 total votes ranked Taylor between 23rd an 19th, totaling 66.2% of the voting. For this reason, I think it is safe to say Taylor was placed in the wrong tier following the original polling. The naming conventions of the Tiers in the original post was most likely the source of the confusion, and was a good lesson for the next time I attempt something like this.

As for the Tier 3 results, we had 1 clear result: Carson Wentz was the lowest ranked QB of the group, taking 59.2% of the 23rd place votes. In addition, the other positions each had enough separation that no formulas or calculations were necessary to get our final results. So, without further ado:

Tier 3

Rank Quarterback 23rd Place Votes 22nd Place Votes 21st Place Votes 20th Place Votes 19th Place Votes Initial Voting Rank
23 Carson Wentz 1,436 461 224 150 154 21
22 Sam Bradford 337 694 562 435 397 22
21 Ryan Tannehill 331 593 599 472 430 23
20 Carson Palmer 217 409 534 602 663 19
19 Alex Smith 104 268 506 766 781 20

So with that, our current rankings are:

Rank Quarterback
19 Alex Smith
20 Carson Palmer
21 Ryan Tannehill
22 Sam Bradford
23 Carson Wentz
24 Tyrod Taylor
25 Blake Bortles
26 Trevor Siemian
27 Cody Kessler
28 Mike Glennon
29 Jared Goff
30 Brian Hoyer
31 Josh McCown
32 Tom Savage

Here are all the previous voting results as well.

One more thing, would people be interested in doing this for other positions? I am thinking of doing position group rankings by teams (Ranking RB groups, WR groups, OL, DL, etc.) Would people be interested in this? Or would people prefer individual players? I'll keep track of the comments for further ideas.

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